15th June, 2011

Love Transmitter listed in Tomatrax Top 100 Australian Albums

Indie blog and music magazine Tomatrax has listed Love Transmitter as 18th best Australian album of all time coming in just behind I’m Stranded by The Saints and just ahead of the Sunnyboy’s self-titled debut album. Michael’s earlier album with Watershed, You Buried Me also makes the list coming in at no 38.

Michael says, “a list of ‘top 100’ Australian albums is guaranteed to generate at least a hundred arguments but that’s the whole idea I guess. I am flattered that Tomatrax would put my record alongside some of the best records ever made including some of my personal favourites such as the achingly beautiful Before Hollywood by the Go Betweens and Midnight Oil’s synapse shattering Head Injuries . I have some quibbles with the list – of course! Together Alone is Crowded House’s great masterpiece in my opinion rather than the other records nominated here and Let There Be Rock is definitely AC/DC’s greatest for me though I concede that TNT is a minor seedy classic. And how come no Sherbet??!”

You can read the complete list on the Tomatotrax blog here:

Michale P Cullen

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