1st July, 2017

Thanks to the great Mike Mineo for featuring the second single from the forthcoming Live at Lazybones EP,“Believer (live)” in his longstanding and seminal independent music blog Obscure Sound. Mike has been a great champion of MPC’s music in the past featuring “Do You Believe” from Love Transmitter, “Nothing Special” and “Cha Cha Cha d’Amour” form True Believer and “Black Dog” and now “Believer” from Live at Lazybones.  Mike writes:

With a sound that reminds very fondly of The Church’s psych-friendly jangle-rock, Michael Cullen’s numerously featured tracks have drawn a positive response, with several of those posts noting his standout live persona. This live rendition of “Believer”, featuring the Soul Searchers in Sydney, comes via his recent EP Live at Lazybones. His haunting vocals aid the track’s “tale of bedroom debauchery and cauterized regret”, the growing guitars meshing cohesively with Cullen’s suavely quivering vocal presence. It’s another highlight from a very worthwhile act.

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Michale P Cullen

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