26th July, 2017


Black Coffee & Cigarettes (Live), the new single from the forthcoming Live at Lazybones EP, is out now.

Black Coffee and Cigarettes is the third single from the EP by Michael P Cullen and the Soul Searchers. The song – a kind of alt country, punk western number – originally featured on Michael P Cullen’s acclaimed True Believer album but this version has a rare gravitas courtesy of the very seasoned Soul Searchers.

The Soul Searchers are led by all round independent music legend, Tim Powles on drums, percussion and vocals with top shelf sidemen, Craig Wilson on keyboards, Andy Sharpe on bass and James Harland-Wright on guitar.

As Michael says “Black Coffee is the closest I have ever come to country … but as you probably already know I hit the guitar a bit too hard to ever make it in Nashville and I can’t sing nearly sweet enough nonetheless that twang is there and it sure is a song of regret and missed opportunities.”

Buy the download from Michael P Cullen Merch or from iTunes.

Watch the video here:


Michale P Cullen

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