30th November, 2014

US College Radio embraces True Believer

There has been a very positve reaction to True Believer across US College Radio and we are thrilled. In the past 8 weeks, Over 135 stations have added True Believer into their rotations, including core stations WRUW in Cleveland, OH, WERS in Boston, MA, and WDOM in Providence, RI with 35 stations spinning the record at Medium or higher rotation, including notable core WMSE in Milwaukee, WI, CRAM in Toronto, ON, WSND in Notre Dame, IN, KLA in Los Angeles, CA, KSLU in St. Louis, MO, WVOF in Fairfield, CT, WFHU in Henderson, TN, CHMR in St. John’s, NF, and WRGW in Washington, DC. We hit the Top 30 charts at WMSC in Upper Montclair, NJ, where we peaked at #15!

Michale P Cullen

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