23rd March, 2018

Leading online pop culture journal Pop Matters has premiered Michael P Cullen’s new single, Do You Believe.

Writer Jonathan Frahm describes Michael P Cullen asĀ “closer to the poetic leanings of You Want It Darker-era Leonard Cohen with a dash of the likes of more off-kilter composers like Nick Cave or Kishi Bashi. Yet, at the center of it all is an artist that is unabashedly individualistic.”

On the new single he says: “Cullen continues his descent into the realm of mysterious “indie romance” by posing listeners with a ubiquitous question at its center. “Do You Believe?” is the singer-songwriter’s latest, featuring a particular bluesy melange of baleful and wistful that Cullen inhabits so well.”

Read the full article here.

Michale P Cullen

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