1st October, 2017

Thanks to stand up comedian and music aficionado Johnny Taylor for this very kind review of Live at Lazybones in his outstanding music blog Now Hear This.


I had the good fortune to review the excellent single “Believe” off of this EP back a few months ago. It was a strong teaser and left me aching to check out the entire record. Cullen’s Nick Cave-esque vibe really appeals to the tortured twenty-something lying in my rapidly aging 40-year-old meat suit. So when I opened my inbox to see it waiting there for me, I was pretty stoked to give it a listen.

Will the whole EP (recorded Live at Lazybones as the title suggests)┬ámeasure up to that great first single? Or will it all be fools gold? No need to wonder long. Let’s dive in!

We start with Black Dog which isn’t a Led Zeppelin cover. It is, however, a delightfully Tindersticks-tinged opener. It sets a perfect vibe for what Michael P Cullen is all about. Dark lyrically, but not sacrificing melody in the process. Really excellent beginning. We move onto Nothing Special and it’s another gem. Lyrically it’s a bit too reliant on rhymes in the verse but it doesn’t detract from the rock solid chorus. Good stuff. Black Coffee & Cigarettes is next. It’s got melody for days. A good choice for the second single. The next track is the first single off the EP entitled, Believer. I raved about it a few months ago and nothing has changed. It’s like a darker R.E.M. Really solid tune …

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Michale P Cullen

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