1st October, 2013

Danton Supple to Mix New Album

Famed English producer, Danton Supple, has been engaged to mix a number of tracks on Michael’s upcoming new album. Mr Supple has an amazing track record ranging from Coldplay to Ian Brown to Oceansize to Autoheart as well as engineering what we here at Speartackle Records believe is U2’s best ever song ‘Miss Sarajevo’. According to Wikipedia, Bono is of the same opinion. In recent years he has set up his own creative company, Definition Arts, to support production of independent arts and music.

“I am absolutely chuffed that Danton has agreed to work on my record,”says Michael. “The mixes Danton has provided are sensational. They have that intangible push-through element I have been looking for. This album has been a gut buster and I am glad we can finally take it to mastering and get it out into the big wide world.”

Read more about Danton Supple here.

Michale P Cullen

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