1st June, 2017

Big thanks to the sharp and literate Irish new music blog Super World Indie Tunes (SWIT) for this ecstatic feature on Black Dog:

“Well you’re telling me you’re free spirited and stuff like that” Yeah, we’ve all been there, let’s face it honey we’re not here for the conversation. This is an immaculate live performance of “Black Dog” by Michael and the Soul Searchers. The band are Tim Powles (The Church), Craig Wilson, Andy Sharpe and James Harland-Wright. Are they tight? You better believe they’re tight, tighter than a camel’s arse in a sandstorm my friend. Sure, all the references to Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits are valid but who cares? This is a gothic masterpiece, dark and cold as hell on a Good Friday and they’re playing for keeps, nobody dare crack a smile. Me? I love it. Black Dog is the first single from the forthcoming Live at Lazybones EP, where this was recorded, all red velvet, gut-rot whiskey and regret. You could be in here forever.


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Michale P Cullen

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